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2014 Programs Community Kitchen

High School Seminars to South Africa

November 2014 seminar to South Africa with two Connecticut high schools, The Ethel Walker School, a private girls’ school, and The Metropolitan Learning Center, a co-ed public magnet school. This will be similar to the South Africa seminar that both schools and Plowshares’ staff partnered to pilot in November of 2012 for 15 students and four faculty. The group, led by Phoebe Milliken, met with local and national leaders and spent time with peers from South Africa and migrants from other African countries. The experience was well received by students, whose feedback demonstrated significant changes in world view.  Upon return, Devin Pafumi from Ethel Walkers wrote, “Because of this trip, I am now certain that success and happiness will not come from my personal gain, but will come from stepping outside myself and recognizing the needs of others.”   Both schools started to apply the ideas of transformative travel modeled in the South Africa seminar to other global education experiences.  For more information see the Spring 2013 newsletter. Read the trip BLOG 

March 2014 Workshop in Northeast India

The Peace Coalition of Northeast India (PCNI), Plowshares, and Jakarta Theological Seminary’s Center for Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation are collaborating to equip local leaders in India’s northeast region with conflict transformation skills.  Northeast India is riven by multiple conflicts and insurgencies springing from ethnic, religious, economic, political and nationalist tensions. The northeast region of India is the most violent in South Asia, with riots, blockades, assassinations, political and economic oppression. PCNI trained mediators in the states of Nagaland, Assam and  Manipur with participants from other states, bringing new hope for reconciliation and peace. Plowshares has been working in the region, in concert with local and international partners, since 2010. For more, see the following newsletters: Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.


Recent Programs 2013-2014

Conclusion of China Risk Management Program

After more than four and half years, Plowshares has completed its formal role in the Risk Management for a Harmonious Society program in mainland China. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Chinese social workers, non-profit organizations, Religious Affairs Bureaus, city and provincial government officials, academics, anti-domestic violence campaigners, first responders, jurists, and women’s federations.   Our dedicated Chinese partners have shown their skills of interest based- resolution and commitment to equip others with conflict transformation skills.  It is with great confidence that we leave the future of the program in their hands. [See the Fall 2013 newsletter for more information on the conclusion of Plowshares’ role in this program.]

Nagel Seminars to South Africa and Brazil

In concert with the Nagel Institute for World Christianity and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Plowshares designed and organized two back-to-back seminars in 2013.  These are the fourth and fifth seminars Plowshares has developed with Nagel. Like that the others, these two seminars focused on pairing scholars from North American Christian colleges and universities with counterparts in the global South. Hence, artists and professors of art from North America joined with artists from southern Africa to explore the relationship between art and faith in the new South Africa in June.  In July  North American professors from many disciplines joined a similar interdisciplinary group of Brazilians to explore social change and the roles of current evangelical Christianity. Plowshares also consulted with a seminar to Japan in August.

For a short video on the South Africa seminar, click here.

For a short video on the Brazil seminar, click here.

Independent Workshops in South Africa

Plowshares responded to requests from South African partners in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to address a variety of issues. These included building skills for constructive intervention in conflicts in congregations and moving from research on human rights violations to action for migrants.   Articles for these will be featured in our Spring 2014 Newsletter.


Awards and Honors include:

Recipient of the 2010 Global Leadership Award of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universitites

Recipient of the Yale Divinity School William Sloane Coffin Award for Peace and Justice

Honorary Doctorates of Human Rights bestowed on Plowshares Directors by the State Univerity of Makasser, Indonesia

Bishop Walmsley Eccumentical Awards to Directors from the Christian Council of Conecticut

Xavier University Eccumenical Chair Award

Appointed Special Researcher at Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences and International Advisors of the Research Center for Management of Social Risk and Public Crises, Nanjing University, China

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by members of the South African Parliament, South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, endorsed by members of parilaments in China, Indonesia and the U.S. Congress.

Recognition from government agencies from the Conneticut Legislature and Los Angeles City Council to the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

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